How to Make Chicharrones in Salsa

How to Make Chicharrones in Salsa

Chicharron en salsa (pork cracklings in sauce) is an exceptional dish from Mexican cuisine, perfect for breakfast or dinner when served alongside refried beans and warm corn tortillas – an easy yet delectable meal!

Salsas come in many different varieties, from tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, sweet pear and apple, or even tart watermelons – with optional vegetables and herbs adding subtle variations for variety.

Pork Chicharrones

Pork chicharrones are an integral component of Mexican cuisine. They are often featured in tacos de canastas (basket tacos), burritos, and tortas. In addition to being eaten alongside tortilla chips as a snack and used as an ingredient in nachos!

Heavily preservative-laden bagged varieties won’t soften properly; obtain them from a butcher or a local Mexican shop for optimal results.

Chicharron en salsa verde or red is one of Mexico’s signature dishes, and for good reason. Combining crispy pork cracklings known as chicharrones with an irresistibly flavorful tomatillo-green chile sauce creates an irresistibly delicious filling that is both budget-friendly and fast to prepare.

To create it, add chopped cilantro and salsa to a pot and let simmer. After several minutes, stir in your chicharrones until fully cooked and softened before tasting and adjusting as necessary for salt or seasonings.

Suppose you don’t have tomatillo salsa on hand. In that case, any tomato-based sauce should work just fine – just ensure it has enough body to avoid becoming watery when combined with your salsa ingredients.

Tomatillo Salsa

This fresh green salsa compliments pork chiles or any type of chicharron dish, as well as chicken enchiladas, tortilla chips, and other Mexican cuisine.

Fresh tomatillos are the star ingredient in this salsa verde (green sauce). Tomatillos look similar to small green tomatoes but have a distinctive tart flavor. 

Tomatillos can usually be found at most grocery stores; you may need to check in the Latin or ethnic foods section. When selecting them, look for firm and bright green tomatillos with removable peel or husk; remove this before rinsing thoroughly before use.

Add the tomatillos, jalapeno peppers, onion, and cilantro to a food processor or blender and pulse until chopped to your preferred texture. Taste to add salt as necessary.

If you prefer, this salsa can be prepared without chilies; however, its heat will simply be lessened. For an even hotter experience, leave in some or all of the ribs and seeds from one or more of the peppers.

Serve salsa hot or cool; it pairs beautifully with refried beans, tacos, sandwiches, and burritos, tortillas topped with crushed chicharrones, chopped radish, and cilantro as toppings, as well as being spread on burritos and sandwiches. 

For optimal results, use extra virgin olive oil; its richness will further enhance its taste!

Red Salsa

Chicharrones in Red Pepper Sauce (Chicarronas en Salsa Roja) can make for an easy and delectable family dinner, pairing perfectly with beans and warm corn tortillas to bring out all that Mexican flavor! 

This recipe requires several ingredients, such as cans of fire-roasted tomatoes, red pepper sauce, garlic cloves, onions, serrano chiles, fresh cilantro, cooking oil, and lime juice (for finishing touches).

While your pork cracklings soak, prepare a salsa. Combine tomatoes, chiles, and onion in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer before removing from heat to allow it to cool. Place garlic and serrano chiles in a blender for further processing. 

Blend until your salsa reaches an almost smooth texture with no chunks of tomato or onion remaining visible.

Once the salsa has been blended, return it to its original pot and combine it with serrano chiles, onion, and garlic. 

Stir to incorporate and bring to a low simmer over medium heat. Adjust heat as desired: adding more peppers will create hotter salsa, while less will produce milder results.

To serve, spread a tablespoon of salsa onto a warmed corn tortilla. Layer on crispy chicharrones and garnish with fresh cilantro leaves – this delicious treat can be served alone or with rice and beans for a complete meal.

Green Salsa

Start by gathering all of the required ingredients. Begin by looking for husk-covered tomatillos in grocery store produce departments; alternatively, you could check farmer’s markets. 

Tomatillos are unique fruits with an irresistibly unique flavor that aren’t as acidic or sour as red tomatoes. You can roast or boil tomatillos for optimal results; roasting will yield smoky and earthy notes, while boiling will create creamy textures with mild flavors. 

Put tomatillos, garlic clove, and serrano chiles in a pot filled with water and bring to a boil. Cook the tomatillos for approximately 10 minutes or until their color changes from bright green to pale green; remove from heat. 

Then, blend with reserved cooking water, cilantro leaves, salt, and lime juice before refining with more cooking water.

This salsa makes a tasty accompaniment for tortilla chips and can be served either warm, at room temperature, or slightly chilled. 

Additionally, it makes fantastic antojitos such as gorditas and quesadillas!

Cilantro is vital in this recipe; many other recipes call for parsley instead, but its bright and fresh flavor doesn’t compare. If you dislike cilantro, feel free to skip adding it. However, if that does happen, thin down your salsa a little so it is easier to scoop.


As we wrap up our culinary journey into Chicharrones in Salsa, the aromatic dance of crispy pork skin and rich, flavorful salsa concludes with a symphony of taste. 

This classic Mexican dish is a testament to the art of transforming humble ingredients into a dish that exudes both simplicity and boldness.

In concluding our guide, it’s clear that the key to perfect Chicharrones in Salsa lies in the balance of textures and the infusion of spices. 

The crispy chicharrones, bathed in the savory salsa, create a marriage of crunch and juiciness that captivates the taste buds.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook eager to explore, our recipe ensures that making Chicharrones in Salsa is an achievable and delightful experience, ready to bring the authentic flavors of Mexico to your table.





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