What Cheese to Use For Tamales De Rajas

What Cheese to Use For Tamales De Rajas

Tamales de Rajas con Queso is a simple and delicious way to celebrate the Day of the Dead without meat. This recipe utilizes Mi Rancho-prepared masa, poblanos chiles, and cheese for authentic and delectable tamales that won’t break your budget.

To assemble, spread three tablespoons of masa onto the wide end of a husk and cover it with two teaspoons of shredded cheese. Fold up long sides to enclose the filling before tying a strip of husk around it for closure.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco, or queso fresco, is a soft, mild cheese beloved by Mexican cuisine. Common uses for it include topping or adding it as an ingredient to traditional dishes like chile rellenos and tamales, tacos, and nachos; crumbling over salads or serving with refried beans – making this versatile cheese easy to find at most grocery stores fresh or frozen!

Queso Fresco cheese pairs perfectly with the sweet and smoky notes found in roasted Poblano peppers for an irresistibly flavorful bite, making it a superb accompaniment for making tamales de rajas, which combine shredded meat with peppers in each bite of their deliciousness.

Preparing ingredients correctly for a compelling batch of tamales requires time and care to prepare their components. First, soak the corn husks in warm water for 30 minutes before sorting and washing thoroughly to eliminate dirt or debris from their surfaces. 

Finally, drain and pat dry with paper towels once finished.

To make tamale dough, start by switching out coarse-ground masa harina intended for making tamales for fine-ground masa harina used to make tortillas. 

Next, mix in salt and baking powder before mixing the ingredients until light and fluffy – you can test its consistency by dropping a tiny bit into water; it should rise again.


Chihuahua cheese makes the ideal melty and flavorful cheese to pair with tamales de rajas, whether vegetarian or not! Its mild, rich, buttery texture pairs perfectly with the spicy-sweet poblano peppers in this Mexican recipe. 

Additionally, this cheese can often be found at Latin grocery stores and online.

To create tamales de rajas, start by soaking corn husks. Place them in a large pot over medium-high heat until soft and pliable; once this has occurred, remove from water and pat dry.

Step two is to combine all of the ingredients for masa. Use a food processor or blender to chop chilies while mixing all the other ingredients, such as broth and spices, until a dough forms; if necessary, add additional broth for consistency if the dough becomes too thick.

As soon as your filling and cheese are prepared, assemble your tamales. Starting with a corn husk coated in vegetable oil, spread masa evenly using a spoon or spatula to form an even layer. 

Next, place several tablespoons of your filling mixture at its center before wrapping and tying your tamale around its middle with another strip of corn husk.

Tamales are a beloved Mexican dish, popular at special events and national celebrations. Constructed of corn masa stuffed with roasted peppers and cheese before being wrapped in a corn husk and steamed. Naturally gluten-free and suitable for vegan cuisine.


Queso Oaxaca cheese is a stretchy, stringy dairy product made of milk. This cheese can be found at Mexican or Latin American grocery stores; otherwise, mozzarella may be an acceptable replacement.

To create tamales de rajas, first drain and rinse corn husks thoroughly, patting them dry with kitchen paper towels, before beginning the assembly of your tamales. 

Start by positioning one corn husk vertically with its wide end toward you; spread a thin layer of masa harina using either a spatula or the back of a spoon; add one tablespoon of Rajas filling as well as one slice of cheese into its center before pulling up its sides to seal at its bottom part – repeat until all other husks have been assembled!

After you have assembled your tamales, wrap them in foil and place them in a steamer to cook. Steaming should take approximately one hour; serve hot or cold. 

If you want to store any for later consumption, store them in aluminum foil or banana leaves wrapped tightly for up to five days of refrigeration or freeze for up to several months in your freezer; to reheat, simply microwave them with a damp paper towel over them.

Monterey Jack

Making homemade tamales for family and friends to celebrate the Day of the Dead will make their celebration even sweeter! All it takes to make them are corn husks, tomatillos, poblano peppers, onion, cilantro, masa harina baking powder, broth salt, and Monterey Jack cheese!

Monterey Jack cheese, often referred to as Jack or Poodle, is a mild variety with an irresistibly buttery and tarty flavor that pairs perfectly with other ingredients without overshadowing them. Plus, its high moisture content means that it melts smoothly for use in numerous recipes!

This versatile cheese can be used for everything from macaroni and cheese to queso dip, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and casseroles. It pairs perfectly with other flavors such as chile sauces, salsa, or guacamole; longer-aged versions known as Dry Jack have an even bolder flavor profile and firmer texture.

When selecting an alternative to Monterey Jack, it’s essential to consider both texture and flavor. Soft cheeses like Havarti or Colby may provide a similar mouthfeel; firmer textures like Parmesan may offer more assertive bites.


As we wrap up our culinary journey exploring the savory world of Tamales de Rajas, the choice of cheese plays a crucial role in elevating this Mexican delight. The balance of flavors in these tamales is an art, and selecting the right cheese is a crucial brushstroke on the canvas of taste.

In concluding our guide, it’s evident that the cheese you choose should complement the rajas’ smoky heat, the masa’s tenderness, and the tamale’s overall richness. Whether opting for the creaminess of queso fresco or the boldness of Oaxaca cheese, each choice adds a unique dimension to the final masterpiece.

So, as you embark on your Tamales de Rajas adventure, remember that the cheese is not just an ingredient; it’s a flavorful companion that enhances the overall experience. Experiment, savor, and find the perfect cheese to make your Tamales de Rajas unforgettable.





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